WALTHER PPKS .22 grips (smooth)

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This selected smooth set #222 is carved out of English walnut, fancy grade AA. We do not stain our grips, therefore each grip is unique in color and grain. To protect the surface of each grip, it is treated with a special mix of natural oils.
Our grips have an improved shape and fine
These are special grips for the new Walther model PPK/S .22 made by Umarex/Walther.

These grips ARE ONLY for the new Walther/Umarex .22LR pistol, models 5030300 and 5030320, and WILL NOT fit any of the centerfire pistols nor will they fit the older Walther .22LR pistols made before 2012.

This grips can be used by both right-handed and left-handed shooters.
The screw is included. The cup and nut is installed. NOTE: We have encountered some of these whose grip screw through-hole is not perpendicular to the bore of the gun as it should be, with the misalignment of that hole causing the screw to also be misaligned. Please contact us if your gun is like this BEFORE purchasing these grips.

Weight: 25g

Before any manipulation wiht the gun  MAKE SURE it is UNLOADED.
Point the gun in a safe direction to unload it.
Pistols: Remove the magazine, clear the action and check barrel and chamber to ensure they are clear of any rounds.
Revolvers: Open the cylinder and remove any rounds. Double check to make sure no rounds remain in the weapon.

Remove Existing Grips as per the instructions of the manufacturer. Be careful not to damage the existing grips. Set aside and preserve the factory grips, as they might be a valuable part of the weapon and should you decide to sell the weapon they could increase the value.
Install New Grips
Please, refer to the instruction for each particular grip on the web page relating to that grip.
Clean the frame before installing new grips.
If new screws are supplied with the grips, use them. Otherwise use your original screws.
If the grips do not fit correctly, DO NOT FORCE THEM ON.
Certain grips appear to be a one piece grip, but are in effect 2 pieces pinned together. Carefully separate these grip panels to avoid breakage.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Only install grips on the frame for which they were designed. Even then, grips are not always a perfect fit right out of the package. Please, read the instructions and DO NOT attempt any alteration until you have done so. Also bear in mind the instruction by manufacturer of your wepon. Grips that have been modified in any way ARE NOT RETURNABLE.
After installing grips, CHECK YOUR GUN and make sure that all parts of the gun function correctly and without being obstructed or hindered by the grip.
Improper manipulation of any other internal component may affect the safety and reliability of your firearm and may cause serious injury or death.