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We’ve improved the site to improve its performance and make it easier to find the grips you need quickly.

This on-line store is for US and Canadian customers only, customers from other countries please use this link to our European store www.grips4u.eu

You can place orders right through this website, which is the best way to order from us.  Orders are processed and shipped using the information you enter - please be sure it is correct so we can contact you if we need to.  We do not store credit card information for your protection; we apologize for having you re-enter your card info for each new order, but we feel your security and peace of mind is important and thus we do not retain such private information.


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Grips4u has been producing fine wood grips for over two decades. We specialize in fine hardwood (mostly walnut) grips.  All production is done on modern computerized machinery (CNC) and the grips are also hand finished to assure proper fit and function.  Not only are they attractive, but extremely functional.  We make our products in larger batches, so we can sell them for less, while maintaining high quality.  We also make some related items (eg. screws, ...) and keep most of our products in stock, ready to be shipped.

Thus, the grips you see in the photos on the website are examples of the product, rather than what each and every grip will look like.  Natural wood varies, even within one piece, and it is impossible to show all the variations that nature produces.  Since our grips are never stained or varnished, the appearance of each set is due solely to the wood itself, as it should be, rather than an artifical coloring.


We don't stain or varnish our grips - we prefer to use the finest woods available to start with and allow the true characteristics of the wood to be displayed on your firearm.  Stains hide the beauty of natural wood, and while they allow the maker to hide the use of a lower-grade wood, the results can never really approach the beauty of the best wood.  Varnish and shellac may protect the wood, but they can also hide imperfections; some makers will color or dye their sealants to permit the use of lesser-grade, common hardwoods - something we refuse to do. 


We've chosen to use fine wood to begin with, and leave the grips uncoated but protected with a mixture of natural oils.  This ensures that it is the wood you see, rather than the stain or coating.


During our years in business, we have gained a respected position among the manufacturers of grips in the U.S. 


Grips4u values your business and welcomes any input on how to serve you better. Please, write us - it's rewarding to read your praise, and helpful to read your criticism. We really want to make our products for you as best we can. Based on your suggestions, we continually improve our products and extend their variety.


It is best to send us an e-mail as we can respond to them faster; our e-mail address is grips@grips4u.net.  Please be sure any spamblocker software you use is set to allow our e-mails to reach you or you will not receive our replies or shipping notices.


Our phone number is (847) 829-0032, and the afternoon is usually a better time to reach us; calls may be recorded for training and security use. if we are unable to answer your call please leave a message with your name, phone number and subject of the call, and we will return your call as soon as possible.  Because of the number of "spam" calls and blocked numbers we are now receiving, we cannot return calls if a complete message isn't left or the phone number is blocked.

Our e-mail address is: grips@grips4u.net.  You can send us an e-mail at any time, which may be better when we're unable to answer the phone.  Photos and other attachments can also be sent to this e-mail address.


Thank you for your continued support of our company.


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