Custom Grips/Upcoming Products

Custom Grips

If you would like grips that we don't currently list, please let us know what you'd like.  While we are no longer making custom grips, we'll be happy to consider your request for future production.

As of February 2014, we are no longer making custom grips and are focusing on expanding our production grip line.  This allows us to provide a wider selection of fine grips as standard items in order to keep your cost down.

Upcoming Products

Our fine walnut grips for the Taurus PT92 series are now available, as are the Astra Firecat and Astra 2000 Cub grips.  We have finished our walnut Browning Hi-Power grips and have them listed here now.  Grips for the Llama large-frame pistols are available, as are additional models or Star grips and Webley revolver grips.

We have new grips for Beretta (Model 70 series), Webley, Star (B, BM, CU, DK), Armes Unique (Mikros) and others.  We have greatly expanded the grip screws and hardware we have for classic and collectible guns, including repro/replica screws for Colt, Star, Llama and other guns.

We are continuing work on walnut grips for others as well.

We have added quite a few more hard-to-find grip screws and escutcheons (inserts) to our site; as we expand the various guns we make grips for it is only right that we also make fine reproduction grip screws as well. Many of these screws are impossible to find since the guns are often over 100 years old.  We have reproduced these screws as closely as possible to the originals, right down to the unique steps and shapes as well as the threads.

We have more in the works too!

Please check our site frequently as we continue to produce the finest grip products for our customers.




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