Care of your fine wood grips


 Because wood is an organic material, it needs regular care to protect it from drying out.

Our grips have been treated with a blend of natural oils, therefore, we recommend that you also use natural oils (such as tung or linseed oil) to maintain their beauty.  We use a mix of tung and linseed oils on our grips during production, but either one alone is suitable for ongoing care of the wood.

For cleaning the grips, it is best to use denatured alcohol or other wood-cleaning products. Never use water!

After removing any impurities, apply some oil onto the surface of the grips with a soft paint brush or a piece of clean cloth. For better results, warm the oil beforehand to 30-40°C (86-104°F). Apply the oil sparingly to the whole surface and then let it dry at room temperature.

Repeat this process whenever the wood dries out or - as a preventative measure - twice a year.
Never allow the grips to get wet! Moisture in the wood, especially with thinner grips, can cause them to warp, adversely affecting their fit and possibly causing rot should the moisture not be removed.  Wet or damp grips can be dried using a soft absorbent cloth or paper towel, avoiding rough cloths as they can scratch the wood.

Never allow grips to dry out - they should be re-oiled to prevent drying out - as they can be weakened and prone to cracking or other damage, especially if the gun is fired or the grips tightened when they are extremely dry.

Wood grips can be damaged by abuse, so be careful to avoid impacts or situations that may chip, scratch or dent your grips to keep them looking nice.  Abrasion should be avoided, especially from ill-fitting holsters (lined holsters can help protect both gun and grips), and carry weapons are particularly vulterable to such wear.



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